About us

Balance is motion, once you stop moving, you fall.

– Jan Jirák, handstand teacher


BiM is an eco-design studio. We combine our background in product design and material consultancy to find the environmental hotspots of our clients’ products, with the help of the certified Life Cycle Analysis method.

Our cross-industrial experience and expertise lead us to innovative solutions, as we draw inspiration from the ingenious principles developed and tested by nature. 

By combining these principles with our data driven approach, we avoid greenwashing and help our clients create a measurable impact when tackling challenges in their designs. 


We believe that the search for balance is reflected in all areas of life, including design. Only by continuously seeking balance between aspects of functionality, beauty, economic and environmental sustainability, can we design products which will meet the needs of their users and our planet. 


Eliška Knotková

environmental assessment, material consultancy, lectures

Maria Nina Václavková

design, fashion, material consultancy, lectures

Filip Mirbauer

product design, 3D visualisations, rapid prototyping

Tereza Andresová

operations, communication, customer care

Martina Havlenová

business development